Better habits mean better habitats. When enough people make small changes to their habits, it can make a big difference on the natural world. Let’s choose to make a positive impact today to have a better tomorrow for us all.

Doing a world

of good.


Healthier Oceans

World Oceans Day is a reminder that our oceans and marine life need our help. Living in the Gulf means our lives have a direct impact on ocean life. But simply reducing water usage and keeping our communities clean from debris can help oceans stay clean and healthy. Learn what you can do for oceans this month and all year long.

Clean Catch Basins

Prevent trash from getting into your nearby catch basins. You can also keep your yard free from chemicals and herbicides to prevent runoff.

When was the last time you reevaluated your water usage? Install low-flow faucets to automatically reduce your daily water usage.

Conserve Water

Beach cleanups, adopt-a-highway programs, and tidying up local parks are a great way to keep oceans clean of trash. Look for local volunteer opportunities and take action today.

Reduce Pollution

We are taking action

at Audubon.

Here’s how we’re doing our part.

Protecting our oceans takes all of us. Here's what we're doing to ensure it happens.

Let’s do a world of good.

Then, come have a good time.

Go Plastic-Free

Discover other ways to protect the planet and its wildlife.

Take action on more issues.

Show your support for ocean conservation.

To Do Your Part


Around 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year.

Oceans are home to 80% of life on earth.

Oceans absorb 4x more CO2 than the Amazon Rainforest.

Combat Climate ChangePrevent Habitat LossBe a Responsible Consumer
Reduce Light Pollution

We're installing EV charging stations at Audubon Zoo. This will allow members of the community to better utilize electricity and reduce oil and gas runoff.

EV Charging Stations

As members of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), we work with other aquariums on solutions to reduce ocean and freshwater pollution.

Aquarium Conservation Partnership

New Year's Resolutions

Visit Audubon Aquarium

Take a trip to Audubon Aquarium to gain a greater appreciation of marine life and learn even more about what we can all do to protect our oceans.

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