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Habitat loss is one of the most urgent threats to natural wildlife. In Louisiana, the loss of wetlands impacts the fish, alligators, birds and other animals that make this region so special. Globally, humans are encroaching on habitats through land development, urban sprawl and commercial fishing, giving endangered species even less space to thrive.

Together, we can protect and preserve natural habitats here at home and across the globe for generations to come.

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Here’s how you can help protect habitats.

Stopping habitat loss takes everyone. Take action today to create better habitats in your community and support organizations that are doing the work to preserve wildlife.

Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA)

The CPRA focuses on coastal protection programs that create real, lasting change for our local wetlands. Support their initiatives to make their work go even further.

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Coalition to Restore Costal
Louisiana (CRCL)

Since 1988, the CRCL has worked to promote policies, outreach programs and on the ground efforts that directly protect against habitat loss along Louisiana’s coast.

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Grow Native Plants

Planting native plants around your home and community provides food and shelter for pollinators. Get tips on the best local plants to grow and how to keep birds and insects healthy.

Plant Tips

Sustainable Landscaping

Cut your grass higher and keep dead tree stumps around as habitats for insects. Even these small actions can have a big impact on the overall wildlife in the area.

We are taking action

at Audubon

Here's how we can prevent habitat loss together.


The palm oil industry is causing deforestation in natural habitats of the Sumatran orangutan population. We encourage alternatives to palm oil like our palm oil-free candy at Boo at the Zoo.

Palm Oil Alternatives
Recycle Your Phone

Coltan mining is used in the production of most cell phones. It also endangers western lowland gorilla habitats. To prevent this, we recycle cell phones and tablets at the Audubon Zoo Membership window and info booth.



Land development, agriculture and hunting all endanger African lions and their habitats. We accept donations and recycle broken string lights on location to directly support the preservation of lion habitats.

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We’ve already removed single-use plastics like straws, bags and water bottles from our facilities. Now, we’re creating ways for us to come together to support organizations and programs that are fighting the impact of plastic waste to make real, lasting change.

Sharks & Rays

Overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices are dangerous to sharks, rays and other marine life. We educate visitors through our interactive Shark Discovery touchpool to raise awareness about these vital species.

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African Penguins

As humans continue to overfish and encroach on coastal habitats, species like the African penguin suffer. Our African penguin breeding program is part of a Species Survival Plan to protect the future of the species.

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Whooping Crane Survival Program

Habitat loss is part of the reason why the local whooping crane population is so endangered. But through programs at our Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center, we are helping whooping crane chicks get back to the natural wetlands of Louisiana.

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